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Meredith & Sam’s Wedding


And now a break in our regularly scheduled programming, folks. The following piece is just itching for an explanation. Let me start by telling you about the “key thing”. This is where a member of the bridal party tells a lovely story about the couple. Our bridal party member today was Meredith’s brother.

Say hi to Mark. Here he is saying nice things.

And here is Meredith & Sam, enjoying nice things being said.

But you will notice by Meredith’s expression that the tone of the speech has changed. (Sam looks either oblivious or he’s being nice).

This is where Mark holds out a bucket and asks for all of the guys who have a key to Meredith’s apartment to return it – now that she is married and all …

Oops, the Best Man, too!

Well, turnabout is fair play. So it is time for Sam’s keys to be returned. And there is only one out there … and it’s in this feisty woman’s possession!

You can see that Meredith & Sam got quite a kick out of this.

/end of my interruption. Enjoy some more pictures, there’s another story to tell in a bit.

This man loves cake. He told us so.

I have no idea what the “fork thing” was. But Meredith made Sam do it twice. I bet you $50 I’m about to get an email from Meredith with an explanation ….

This is the picture that started it all…
This was one of my standard portfolio pictures and Meredith recognized her hand in it (silver bracelet) from her friend’s wedding.

Here’s the same group, the Forkers, a couple of years later …

I drudged up a picture of Meredith & Sam from that wedding. HEHEHE.

And here are the aforementioned friends: Amy & Paul. I haven’t seen them since their wedding in 2005! So great catching up with them!!

Finally, here’s all of us from earlier in the day. After some portraits at a local park, Mark  made us get in for our turn! We are a sexy bunch. Rawr.

[ceremony]   St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church
[cocktails]     Nana Restaraunt
[reception]    Hilton Anatole
[cake]             Hot Chocolates
[dj]                  Dallas Rhythms
[flowers]        Sahana Floral
[vintage car]  Romantic Rembrances
[mini couple] Nicole W. Clark