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    As a computer science major, one of the suggested requirements to graduate was to get involved in an extra curricular activity on campus. I thought the newspaper would be the place for me - I had always been commended for my writing skills and I had just left my post as head of our rogue high school newspaper.

    The conversation with the editor did not go as planned; she was insistent upon needing a photographer and I just wanted to write. I guess I wore her down, she let me submit a story - a humorous detail about the parking situation at school. It had the laughs, tears, and pizzazz of an award-winning article. It would change the world! But it never got published. Instead, she handed me a camera and ushered me out the door for my first assignment.

    And that's how I became a photographer. I don't have a great story about growing up with a camera in my hand. My life on the newspaper was an anything but glamorous array of rolled film (yes, I said the f word), developer and deadlines.

    Here I am 15 [eek] years later and I can say that this is exactly where I want to be. I shoot fabulous people.

Limas :: Holiday Portraits

This was my first timing meeting the Limas crew. However, in thirty minutes, I learned that they love dogs and they love the Poage family so that in itself puts them in the category of being pretty awesome people. I can also tell you that they are hilarious as all get out – proof below in their “proper family portrait photos”. That was all their idea and I love it.




Poage :: Holiday Portraits

Heather & Curt : some of the most amazingly wonderful people I have ever had the chance to meet. They are raising two beautiful children that I know will carry on their legacy of kindness, humor and warmth.