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    As a computer science major, one of the suggested requirements to graduate was to get involved in an extra curricular activity on campus. I thought the newspaper would be the place for me - I had always been commended for my writing skills and I had just left my post as head of our rogue high school newspaper.

    The conversation with the editor did not go as planned; she was insistent upon needing a photographer and I just wanted to write. I guess I wore her down, she let me submit a story - a humorous detail about the parking situation at school. It had the laughs, tears, and pizzazz of an award-winning article. It would change the world! But it never got published. Instead, she handed me a camera and ushered me out the door for my first assignment.

    And that's how I became a photographer. I don't have a great story about growing up with a camera in my hand. My life on the newspaper was an anything but glamorous array of rolled film (yes, I said the f word), developer and deadlines.

    Here I am 15 [eek] years later and I can say that this is exactly where I want to be. I shoot fabulous people.

Aughinbaugh :: Family

There is so much laughter in this family! So much loveliness! So much joy! So much enthusiasm!

I adored the girls together, but when I had them each alone, their personalities really shined. Libby, the oldest, is introspective and very polite. Her whole face shines when she smiles.

Margaret Anne is the quintessential non-conformist. To say she marches to the beat of her own drum is an understatement. She actually has her own band and she is the commanding lead of it all. When she smiles, her whole body smiles. She is little and she is fierce.

The littlest one? That’s Claire. She has the tiniest streak of shyness, but she is the one with the contagious smile. She is full of giggles and adoration for her sisters.

Together, they are one beautiful and happy bunch!

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Emma : 1!

This perfect little cutie turned one recently. Her big brother,, Brayden, sweetly watched from the sidelines and made Emma smile. She absolutely adores her mom and dad, but there is a special place in her heart for her brother and she beams when he is near. Brayden also got in some photo time – I mean this kid is a pro – but he was more than happy to give Emma her time to shine. It was extraordinarily heart-warming to see these wonderful children grow up and I am so lucky to have Nancy, James and the kids in my life. Love you guys!

Now beyond all of the mushiness, let’s talk about this cake smash! I have not done one in sooooo very long. The truth is they are often messy and usually unimpressive. But that’s not Miss Emma’s MO. Emma ADORES cake and went straight in by licking it. LICKING IT! It only got more entertaining from there, as she started feeding mom and dad. I laughed more than I photographed. I laughed so much I started crying.

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Rankin :: Family

The Rankin family came to via recommendation from another lovely family – the Muellers. Lin, Jacob and Logan were absolutely incredible to work with and I am so happy that I could create the family’s first holiday photos!


MiKayla & Zach :: engaged!

MiKayla and Zach drove in from Garden City for their engagement portraits in Fort Worth. When MiKayla said Garden City I figured it was some little Texas town that I’ve driven through at some point but then she said Kansas and I stopped in my tracks. “Did you just say Kansas!?” Yes, yes she did. MiKayla and Zach had drive an impressive eight (8! 8!) hours for their engagement session. I hereby offer them the award for longest drive [that I am aware] of for an engagement session with me.

So why Fort Worth? Zach is a TCU football alum, having played in the 2010 Rose Bowl – you know, that year that Horned Frogs finished a perfect 13-0 record. He was having a blast being back on the field and it was pretty adorable to see him with MiKayla, who I learned via facebook and email has the kindest heart for both people and animals.

Blog friends, this an incredible couple that I was so lucky to meet by chance thanks to the interwebs. Thanks to them for driving out to Fort Worth to meet a random photographer (who happened to be wearing the same vest as MiKayla, but in blue!) and enjoying a beautiful late winter day. And thanks to the internet, you crazy thing, you!



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