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    As a computer science major, one of the suggested requirements to graduate was to get involved in an extra curricular activity on campus. I thought the newspaper would be the place for me - I had always been commended for my writing skills and I had just left my post as head of our rogue high school newspaper.

    The conversation with the editor did not go as planned; she was insistent upon needing a photographer and I just wanted to write. I guess I wore her down, she let me submit a story - a humorous detail about the parking situation at school. It had the laughs, tears, and pizzazz of an award-winning article. It would change the world! But it never got published. Instead, she handed me a camera and ushered me out the door for my first assignment.

    And that's how I became a photographer. I don't have a great story about growing up with a camera in my hand. My life on the newspaper was an anything but glamorous array of rolled film (yes, I said the f word), developer and deadlines.

    Here I am 15 [eek] years later and I can say that this is exactly where I want to be. I shoot fabulous people.

Rowe :: Family

Welcome back to the blog – the incredibly adorable Rowe family! We met up for some updated summer photos in Fort Worth and we got a beautiful (albeit slight) breeze. The boys have grown up so much since I saw them a short 6 months ago; it’s just incredible how much children change at this age!


Stewart :: Family

Look at this sweet angelic baby, Lillian! Look at this perfectly rounded cheeks and utterly kissable little face! Lillian was the perfect dream baby for photographs – she smiled and cooed through the whole session while her mom, dad, grandmother and I got bitten up by every possible mosquito on the planet!

Even though we braved a boat-load of mosquitoes, we were definitely rewarded with THAT LIGHT!!! Thanks to the Stewart family for letting me play with their sweet little Lillian and letting me photograph their little ray of sunshine!


Laura & David :: ceremony at Marty Leonard Chapel

Hi, my friends. You’ve see oodles of weddings at this beautiful chapel. It’s called Marty Leonard Chapel and it’s in Fort Worth – in case you’ve missed the title or just ignored it. Can I be honest? I feel in love with the chapel the second I laid eyes on it in the early 2000s. It’s magical, as I think you can tell by the images. It’s also a tough cookie to shoot. When David contacted me about wedding photography, he sort of gushed about the way that I shoot the chapel. (Aw, shucks). I, in turn, thanked him and shared every single evening ceremony that I had ever shot at the chapel. I prepared him for how quickly the sunlight becomes a distant, warm glow and how the house lights are almost like light, flickering candles once the sun sets. He was on board, and so was I.

What David did not prepare me for was how tender the ceremony would be. Performed by a friend, it was full of heart-felt anecdotes and special moments. He didn’t prepare me for how Laura would look at him during the ceremony, nor how he would look at her.


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Laura & David :: first look at Marty Leonard Chapel

Met these two the day of the wedding. They blew me away with their kind hearts and true, unbridled joy instantly. And I mean, instantly. This is the kind of event that rejuvenates a wedding photographer – it reminds one of their purpose and their own heartfelt joy. It’s the perfect way to start the wedding season and their joy has carried me through this season effortlessly.

In return, they were rewarded with all of the secret beauties that the Marty Leonard Chapel holds … the heart design shining down the aisle (brief, beautiful and rare) as well as the perfect beam of sunlight during their first look …

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