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    As a computer science major at the University of Texas at Dallas (whoosh!), it was suggested that we get involved an extra curricular activity on campus. I thought the newspaper would be the place for me - I had always been commended for my writing skills and I had just left my post as head of our rogue high school newspaper.

    The conversation with the editor did not go as planned; she was insistent upon needing a photographer and I just wanted to write. I guess I wore her down, she let me submit a story - a humorous detail about the parking situation at school. It had the laughs, tears, and pizzazz of an award-winning article. It would change the world! But it never got published. Instead, she handed me a camera and ushered me out the door for my first assignment.

    And that's how I became a photographer. I don't have a great story about growing up with a camera in my hand. My life on the newspaper was an anything but glamorous array of rolled film (yes, I said the f word), developer and deadlines.

    Here I am 15 [eek] years later and I can say that this is exactly where I want to be. I shoot fabulous people.

Emily :: 2

This sweet little girl turned two years old! She is sassy, sometimes independent and most definitely beautiful. It has been such a pleasure seeing her grow and become this amazing little girl. Happy Birthday Emily Grace!



Brittany & AJ :: Engaged

Brittany and I – we are in the same chapter, on the same page of the same book. We have squealed about wedding ideas and collaborated on all sorts of photographic details.We are loud when we are together and totally unapologetic about it.

Brittany and AJ – they are a beautiful interwoven story, a whole tome full of something very, very special. And it’s what I want every great couple to be: grounded, gracious, loving, exceptional … together.

I’m not one to pretend that I’m perfect so I will be forthcoming with how our portrait session went. I arrived very, very early- which is very much normal for me. I puttered around in my car catching up on emails and Facebook. At about 15 minutes until our scheduled start time, I  received a text from Brittany saying they were parking and heading my way. So I got out of the car, stretched, and opened my trunk and realized that I had a bag of lights in there but not a single darn piece of actual camera equipment. Not one.

You must be thinking that is impossible and ridiculous and really, it is both of those things. But it’s exactly what happens when you do something out of the norm and that’s just what happened that day. I had a long day of  creative meetings prior to AJ & Brittany’s portraits and I had dropped by the house to drop off the dog and pick up my gear in lieu of driving around with my gear all day. But you see, I had assumed that my gear was already in my trunk as it normally is and I drove right off after the dog was fed and the boyfriend was hugged.

The boyfriend saved the day, in true drive-by fashion – popping out of the car in the middle of the street, rolling the gear at me and then peeling off. We started one minute late and my embarrassment (heck yes I told them the truth!) turned right into that good old Lynn Michelle bossiness.

When I told AJ & Brittany the situation, Brittany just stood there for a moment pondering and AJ laughed. Then they looked at each other and said ‘Ok! So what now!?’. These two know how to work together seamless already, you can tell they can tackle any challenge (especially when their crazy photographer does something so very reckless).

And the lesson for me? Thanks goodness for Plan B (B stands for boyfriend in this story). O yeah, and put the stupid gear in your trunk. Duh.

dallas skyline photos engaged

dallas skyline photography couple


Potts :: Family

The radiant Potts family made my Saturday  morning just splendid. Hayden was all smiles and just the happiest little guy during our session. He was doubly happy to see his friends – Rowe :: Family, who scheduled the session right before so the kids could hang out. It was just a pleasure to photograph them outside of a wedding! Thank you guys so much for stopping by!


October 28th :: Holiday Minis, Fort Worth

Just wanted to put a proper shout out on the blog for holiday minis this year! I have a handful of spots still open for mini session in Fort Worth this year –  scheduled for Saturday, October 28th! The sessions are $200+tax, 25 minutes in length and include your hi-resolution images for download within 2 weeks from the session! Feel free to bring your dogs and your kids!

If you are ready to schedule, just drop me an email at and I will be happy to get you all set up!



Punta Cana :: personal

We spent a beautiful week in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with Vivian and Josh. The Dominican people were kind and amazing, they absolutely love Americans and were very interested in our politics and world views. We spent hours talking about just about everything with them – in cabs, on boats, by the ocean. They had a unique thirst to know more and to understand our day to day lives.

(Photo note: the following images were taken on a Fuji x100 compact mirror less camera.)

Vivian was kind enough to snap some photos of Evan and I. I want to say that I posted outtakes, but let’s be honest, this ridiculousness was what most of the images looked like.